Gazco Studio 2 Duplex Double Sided Gas Fire

Gazco Studio 2 Duplex Double Sided Gas Fire

Price: £2,995.00

  • 82% efficiency
  • Choice of 2 interior linings
  • Range of finishes available
  • Heat output of 7.9kw
  • Balanced flue

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Balanced Flue Kit


The Studio 2 Duplex’s realistic, hand painted log bed and impressive flame can be enjoyed from two rooms at once with this stunning double sided fire. The softly glowing embers enhance that real fire appeal. The Duplex comes with the Studio Edge Front as standard and you can mix and match from a large number of fronts to create a different look on each side. The Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil, Expression and Verve fronts can also be ordered in ivory or a metallic red or bronze colour. With two interior linings, both creating very different looks, it will be easy to find a combination you love.

Complete with a programmable thermostatic remote which brings the benefits of a programmable timer and thermostatic controls, the generous heat output of 7.9kw and high efficiency make this a fire not to be ignored.

Available for natural gas or LPG.

There are two basic balanced flue kits however if you require additional/alternative flue components, please contact our offices for pricing.

  • Up & out kit comprising of: 1 x 1000mm straight, 1 x 90° bend & 1 x 500mm wall terminal
  • Vertical kit comprising of: 2 x 1000mm straight & 1 x 1000mm  roof terminal

Your fire must be fitted by a gassafe registered engineer. Visit their website or phone on 0800 408 5500.


Gazco 5 year extended warrantyWe are an authorised dealer within Gazco’s Expert Retailer Network. This means that when you purchase through us you’ll receive a 2 year warranty as standard which you can then upgrade to 5 years by simply registering your product here with Gazco here:  Product registration

Efficiency rating:  C

Energy rating C


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