DRU Metro 150XT Eco Wave

Options for natural gas and LPG
·         Come with remote control as standard
·         On the 150XT you have the option of the standard matt black interior back to the fire or you can upgrade to the Ceraglass backing (additional cost) which is a black polished glass that reflects the flames giving the illusion the fire is deeper than it actually is. The Tunnel version only comes with matt black sides.
·         For all the fires you can have either the standard brown logs, white birch logs or alternatively you can have white or grey stones.
·         Wi-Fi module. You can add (for additional cost) the communication module for Wi-Fi allowing control of the fire via a tablet or smartphone (iOS/Android only)   https://www.drufire.com/en-gb/about-dru/innovations/eco-wave


The Metro 150XT is 1.5 metres wide and features a fire bed of beautiful logs set off by a border of white stones. The interior is in mirrored Ceraglass, creating added visual depth to the flame picture. It has a generous heat output of 10.8 kW with an impressive efficiency rating of 78%, far superior to ordinary gas fires.


Energy rating:  A

Energy rating A

DRU Metro 150XT Dimensions

DRU Metro 150XT Installation Manual


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