DRU Global 55XT BF Cavity Gas Fire

DRU Global 55XT BF Cavity Gas Fire

  • Balance Flue
  • No Chimney Required
  • Designed Specifically For Cavity Walls
  • 1.8kW – 3.2kW Output
  • Natural Gas Only


The perfect solution. No Chimney – No lost space – Perfect flames.

The new DRU Global 55XT BF cavity wall gas fire is an ingenious way to transform a flat wall into an impressive fireplace, whilst saving valuable floor space. With its rear-vented balanced flue, the Global 55XT BF cavity wall gas fire is the perfect solution for any home.

Please note: This fire is not suitable for use in a chimney.

Natural Gas Only.


Global Truflame Burner®

The DRU Global 55XT BF cavity wall has an authentic log flame effect due to the exclusive DRU Global Truflame Burner®, which creates high, dense flames and a comforting glow. The unique burner is built into ceramic wood logs, causing the flames to lap around them.


Unique cavity wall installation

The DRU Global Cavity wall can be installed directly into a cavity wall, with no need for a false chimneybreast. At only 255 mm deep, it is the slimmest and most flexible gas fire in the range, with a C energy rating and 77% energy efficiency. The neat balanced flue ends in an unobtrusive terminal on the outside wall.

This stunning fire can be completed using any fire surround you choose using a standard 3 inches (75 mm) rebate.

Energy rating:  C




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