ACR NEO 1F Wood Burning Stove

ACR NEO 1F Wood Burning Stove

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Ecodesign Ready
DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas
Dedicated wood-burning appliance
Powerful airwash for cleaner glass
Ash removal system
Simple to use single air control
10-year manufacturer warranty
5kW heat output
125mm flue collar diameter

External Air Kit *

Glass Top *

Heat Shield


The ACR Neo 1F wood burner is a versatile and efficient heating solution with several notable features. Here’s a breakdown of the key points mentioned. The wood burner is designed with four short cylindrical legs, making it suitable for freestanding installation or fitting within a fireplace recess. The Neo Eco-design ready models adhere to eco-friendly standards.The wood burner is DEFRA exempt, allowing for the burning of wood in smoke-controlled areas.The ashpan is designed with metal runners, allowing for easy removal of ash.The ashpan can be lifted out of the stove (with the lid) for convenient disposal of ashes outside, preventing them from blowing around in the wind. The stove features a powerful air wash system that helps to keep the viewing window free from soot.This ensures an excellent view of the flames, contributing to a more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable experience. The NEO1F-ECO model offers the option to add a Direct Air supply, making it suitable for new build installations. Overall, the ACR Neo 1F wood burner seems to combine functionality and convenience, providing an eco-friendly and user-friendly heating solution for both traditional and modern settings. The emphasis on easy ash removal, a clean viewing window, and the option for a Direct Air supply enhances its appeal for users seeking efficiency and convenience in a wood-burning stove.


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