Stuv 16H Woodburning Stove

STUV-16 H freestanding stove complete with logstore

Price: £3,609.00

  • Integral log store
  • Choice of 3 sizes
  • Wide area of glass
  • Up to 80% peak efficiency

Outside Air Kit *

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Many of our customers like their stoves to be traditional looking and conservative, but others love the new, modern stoves that are extremely efficient and great looking too.

The Stûv 16H certainly falls into the latter category.

A cracking looking stove, the 16H is designed in a simple box shape with a vast area of glass to display the effective combustion inside. And efficient it is too: using Stûv’s latest combustion technology, the 16H makes the best possible use of the fuel  and so is perfect for the latest, energy-efficient homes.

With three sizes of stove to choose from, you can choose the stove to suit your room. But whichever Stûv 16H you choose, you get a smart-looking log store beneath to keep fuel close to hand.

The option of an external air kit also ensures the airflow to the stove does not upset the existing air system in your modern efficient home.

What does the ‘H’ denote? We are not sure but it may simply refer to the shape of the stove – or perhaps it could mean ‘Home’, which a warm fire like this always creates.

Woodburning stoves always need optimum conditions to achieve their best: these pages from Stûv explain how to get the best out of your stove.

Energy rating:  A

Energy rating A







Stûv 16H 58 Model
Weight of Stove 138kg
Range of Heat Output 6 – 9kW
Consumption of Wood (kg/hour) 1.7 – 2.5
Peak Efficiency 80%
CO Emissions 0.09%
Particle Emissions (mg/Nm³) 73
Maximum Log Length 400mm


Stûv 16H 68 Model
Weight of Stove 147kg
Range of Heat Output 7 – 11kW
Consumption of Wood (kg/hour) 2 – 3.2
Peak Efficiency 77%
CO Emissions 0.09%
Particle Emissions (mg/Nm³) 72
Maximum Log Length 500mm


Stûv 16H 78 Model
Weight of Stove 158kg
Range of Heat Output 8 – 12kW
Consumption of Wood (kg/hour) 2.4 – 3.6
Peak Efficiency 75%
CO Emissions <0.09%
Particle Emissions (mg/Nm³) 70
Maximum Log Length 600mm



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