Parkray 800mm Bench

Parkray 800mm Bench

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Heavy steel construction

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The 800mm long bench is suitable for use with the Parkray Single Sided Aspect Stoves. The information provided also highlights some key features of the Parkray stove range. Here’s a breakdown:

Bench Description: The bench you are seeking is 800mm long and specifically designed to complement the Parkray Single Sided Aspect Stoves. The length specification suggests that it is suitable for accommodating or enhancing the aesthetic of these stoves.

Parkray Stove Range Features:

Diverse Options: The Parkray stove range offers a variety of stoves suitable for different spaces and preferences. From slimline designs for space-conscious settings to larger stoves for open-plan rooms, there’s a range of options to choose from.

Design Variety: The stoves come in both traditional and contemporary designs, ensuring that there is a style to suit various settings and personal preferences.

DEFRA-Approved: Most stoves in the Parkray range are DEFRA-approved. This certification ensures that the stoves comply with Smoke Control Area standards, providing peace of mind for users in areas with specific regulations.

Tripleburn® Technology: The stoves in the Parkray range are equipped with Tripleburn® technology. This technology is designed to promote eco-friendly and efficient burning, contributing to effective heat output and reduced environmental impact.

Easy Control: The stoves feature easy control mechanisms, allowing users to manage the heat output and overall performance with convenience.

Overall Considerations: When selecting a bench for use with the Parkray Single Sided Aspect Stoves, it’s essential to consider the specific dimensions and design compatibility to ensure a seamless fit and cohesive look within your space.

In summary, the Parkray stove range seems to offer a versatile selection of stoves with features such as diverse designs, DEFRA approval, Tripleburn® technology, and easy control. The 800mm long bench mentioned is likely designed to complement these stoves, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.


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