Nordpeis Uno 1 Wood Burning Stove

Nordpeis Uno 1 Wood Burning Stove

Price: £1,659.00

Heat Output: 4kW
Efficiency: 82%
Flue outlet: Top or rear
Side Windows
Airwash & Cleanburn Systems:
Optional External Air Kit:
Energy Efficiency Class: A

Outside Air Kit *

Smoke Control Kit *


As we all know, Norway can get extremely cold, for this reason it follows that any Norwegian manufacturer of stoves is likely to know how to keep people warm. This is certainly the case with Nordpeis.

Fires and stoves have always been dear to Norwegians, not surprisingly, and Nordpeis have been supplying fires to warm households for the last 30 years. Their products not only provide the warmth we need but reflect the latest styles and technology.

Take the new Uno 1 model, for example. A stylish, pedestal mounted stove, the Uno 1 draws the eye as you enter a room: its three wide windows show the bright flames to their best.

You will notice that Nordpeis pay great attention to detail: the handle, for example, is carefully secreted under the door and includes a lock to ensure the greatest safety.

Inevitably, however, this stove is not just about looks. As with so many modern stoves, the Uno 1 includes an Airwash system that blows warm air across the inside of the windows to keep them clean and a Cleanburn system that uses pre-heated, secondary air to burn the smoke a second time to ensure the minimum amount of particles are released into the atmosphere.

This is a wood burning stove that takes logs of up to 300mm in length and produces a peak heat of 4kW. The design and features of the stove mean it is among the most efficient in its class – used correctly, the Uno 1 can achieve 82% efficiency.

A flue can be connected to either the top or the rear and, to reduce draughts, an optional external air kit is available.

Such a modern looking yet effective stove deserves a place in most homes.

For your own safety and to satisfy warranty conditions, please only use a qualified HETAS professional to install and service your stove.

Smoke Control Kit Installation & User Instructions

Energy Rating A

Energy rating A

Peak Heat Output 4kW
Maximum Efficiency 82%
Maximum Log Length 300mm
Flue Dimension 150mm
Width 436mm
Height 1006mm
Depth 364mm
Clearance from Combustibles (Top) 600mm
Clearance from Combustibles (Sides) 500mm
Clearance from Combustibles (Rear) 150mm


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