Nordpeis Duo 4 Wood Burning Stove

Norpeis duo 4

Nordpeis Duo 4 Wood Burning Stove

Price: £3,459.00

  • Hidden log store
  • Airwash and Cleanburn systems
  • Wide glass windows on 3 sides
  • 80% peak efficiency
  • Outside air supply available


Modern woodburning stoves are not only required to warm a room but to be an integral part of the furniture of that room. With the increased popularity of television programmes promoting better interior design, more and more consumers are looking for a fire that adds to the style of a home.

The Nordpeis Duo 4 is created in a pleasing style that compliments the look of a room. It’s rounded, oblong shape and black colouring is as handsome as it is practical.

The flames are clearly seen through three wide windows and the large door is operated with a clever inset colour-coordinated handle. The lower half of the stove conceals a useful log store so the fuel (logs of up to 300mm in length) can be kept close to where it is needed.

As with so many modern fires, the Duo 4 comes with the latest technology: an Airwash system keeps the glass clean and Cleanburn ensures the wood is burned at it’s most effective and little waste goes up the flue.

The flue itself can exit from either the top or the rear and air can come from the room.

As with all Duo stoves, the Duo 4 benefits from Nordpeis’ optional External Air Kit which can reduce draughts within your room.

Defra Approved when fitted with a smoke control kit.

The Nordpeis Duo 4 produces a very impressive 5kW of peak heat whilst achieving a potential efficiency of 80%.

It seems hardly right that such a pretty stove can be so effective – but it is.

It always makes sense to have your solid fuel stove fitted and maintained by a qualified HETAS installer. Find your nearest one on the HETAS website.

Learn more about Nordpeis stoves on their website.


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