DRU Metro 100XTU Tunnel Gas Fire

DRU Metro 100XTU Tunnel Gas Fire

  • New to the market
  • 9.6kW maximum heat output
  • Choice of fuelbeds and interiors
  • Eco-Wave app available
  • Extra large glass area


Drugasar have shown themselves to be masters of innovation once again.

The DRU Metro 100XTU is a dramatic and effective gas fire that has three sides and a dramatic presence that few fires can rival.

Most fires sit at the side of a living room and provide a discrete focal point but the DRU Metro 100XTU can be used as a room divider or a spectacular feature jutting into a large room, which it can heat most effectively with an ample 9.6kW of peak heat output.

The flames of this fire are very realistic and easily seen, as the glass has been maximised to a height of 41 cm. Purchasers have a choice of three new and exciting fuelbeds to enhance the experience: either white stones, blown logs or an innovative new option of anthracite glass pieces that reflect the flames.

There are also three interior choices available.

Installation options are wide: the Metro 100XTU can be fitted at a variety of heights and DRU’s own (extra cost) PowerVent system enables operation virtually anywhere.

Each one is provided with a remote control but a further delight of this fire is it can be used with the DRU Eco-Wave app. This allows the operation of the fire using a tablet or smartphone and both the flame pattern and efficiency can be changed. Extra savings of up to 50% can be achieved using this system, the fire can be lit before you get home and servicing can even be communicated direct to the installer.

Welcome to the 21st century – DRU style.

Efficiency rating:  B

Energy rating B

Peak Heat Output 9.6kW
Maximum Heat Efficiency 82%

Dru Metro 100 XTU tunnel Dimensions


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