Dimplex PGF-20 Opti-V Inset Electric Fire

Dimplex PGF20

Dimplex PGF-20 Opti-V Inset Electric Fire

Price: £2,895.00

  • Perhaps the best flame effect available
  • Flame effect only – no heat
  • Frameless so you can design your own surround
  • A must-buy as a focal point for a large heated room
  • This is a display and demonstration price only – please visit our showroom to secure now!


Many new homes have a perfectly efficient heating system but lack a focal point to their living rooms, for this reason Dimplex have introduced their new inset electric fire Dimplex PGF-20 Opti-V flame effect only design.

This revolutionary design mimics a real live burning fire better than anything before. Using High Definition LCD screens the Dimplex PGF-20 Opti-V creates a three-dimensional image from a 4G DS card, producing a 30 minute looped video. The results are truly amazing and there is no other electric fire which is as realistic.

This fire has drawn so much interest from visitors to the West Country Fires showroom, especially as it comes with an astonishingly authentic audio track that sounds just like the cracking and sparks you would expect from a real fire.

If you would like a smaller unit, the Dimplex PGF-10 Opti-V is also available.

Introducing the Innovative winning Design from Dimplex – Opti-V

Designed to be inset into a ‘False’ Stud wall ideally

Dimensions – 1365mm Width x 445mm Height x 320mm Depth

Width – 1365mm

Height – 445mm

Inset Depth – 320mm

  • Extremely low energy LEDs with running costs of 18W per Hour
  • Remote Control with Sound Adjustment controls
  • Light Effect only – No Fan Noise
  • Easy Mains Connection – Simply Plug in to a normal plug socket


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