Dik Guerts Instyle/Prostyle Tunnel Wood Burner

Dik Guerts Instyle Tunnel

Dik Guerts Instyle/Prostyle Tunnel Wood Burner

  • Choice of frames, can be mix and matched
  • Chic room divider
  • 9 to 12kw heat output
  • Easy to control


The Instyle and Prostyle Tunnel are see-through wood stoves that can be built into a pre-fabricated chimneybreast or used as a part of a room dividing wall. With hinged doors on either side, it is both visually impressive and practical. It has a heat output range from 9 – 12 kW and an impressive energy efficiency rating of 83%.

The room divider is ideal for placement between two spaces, for example the living room and kitchen. The Prostyle Tunnel has glass on two sides. The air inlet can be regulated on both sides with just one handle.

Built in fire, both sides can have the same or different frames.

Energy rating A+

Line Drawings_Prostyle_Tunnel_EA


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Installation Manual

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