Stuv 16 Woodburning Fireplace Suite

Stuv 16 Woodburning Fireplace Suite

  • 3 sizes available
  • External air kit available
  • 75 – 80% maximum efficiency
  • Integral woodstore
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Woodburning stoves are now increasingly popular but one of the problems our customers run into is having enough of a fireplace to fit one into if they do not want to have a freestanding stove.

Stûv have come up with the clever idea of providing a stove with its own fireplace, thus reducing the need for a deep recess behind.

This is the Stûv 16 fireplace suite.

Of course, it comes with all the Stûv heating technology that ensures the burn is as complete as it can be and little heat, and even fewer particles, escape up the chimney or flue.

This stove very quickly warms the room using a combination of radiation and convection heat and the sight of the roaring flames through the wide, wide window is warming in itself.

Optional extras include an outside air vent to avoid reducing the air within modern air-tight houses. Also available is a rather natty Mobilobox container for all your woodburning needs.

But you won’t need to store wood in there – the Stûv 16 fireplace comes complete with a log holder.

A woodburning stove with its own fireplace? That is a good idea.
All wood fires need to be installed by a qualified HETAS engineer and chimneys should be swept at least once a year: this is not only for your safety but for warranty and insurance conditions.
Stûv products are not sold online, so please contact the West Country Fires showroom to find out more about these great stoves.

Energy rating:  A

Energy rating A







Stûv 16 Fireplace Suite 58 Model
Weight 91kg
Range of Heat Output 6 – 9kW
Consumption of Wood (kg/hour) 1.7 – 2.5
Peak Efficiency 80%
CO Emissions <0.09%
Particle Emissions (mg/Nm³) 73
Maximum Log Length 400mm


Stûv 16 Fireplace Suite 68 Model
Weight 102kg
Range of Heat Output 7 – 11kW
Consumption of Wood (kg/hour) 2.0 – 3.2
Peak Efficiency 77%
CO Emissions <0.09%
Particle Emissions (mg/Nm³) 72
Maximum Log Length 500mm


Stûv 16 Fireplace Suite 78 Model
Weight 112kg
Range of Heat Output 8 – 12kW
Consumption of Wood (kg/hour) 2.4 – 3.6
Peak Efficiency 75%
CO Emissions <0.09%
Particle Emissions (mg/Nm³) 70
Maximum Log Length 600mm



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