Broseley Evolution Ignite 7 gas stove

Broseley Evolution Ignite 7 gas stove

Price: £1,025.00

  • Steel construction with Cast door
  • Matt black finish
  • Top flue outlet
  • 80% efficiency
  • 4.7kW heat output
  • 125mm (5”) Flue diameter


Built from steel with a Matt Black finish cast iron door, the Broseley Ignite 7 gas stove is a striking addition to the Evolution range. With a large panoramic window and realistic log bed, your room will be brought to life by the mesmerising flames. The Ignite provides a generous heat output, encompassing the whole room with warmth.

With hand crafted ceramic fibre logs, the flame picture is remarkably reminiscent of the real thing. The heat is comparable in quality to the warmth radiating from our equivalent multifuel models. Although the output is slightly less, the extra convenience of gas more than compensates.

With their redesigned gas burners built to exceed the recommended NOx level regulations set out by the Eco Design directive, the already impressive efficiencies have been increased up to 83%. These new gas burners have also allowed for an improved flame pattern, giving off a greater presence filling the chamber with beautiful dancing flames. The ultra-real ceramic log bed has also been given a new look. These logs are larger with a much more realistic aesthetic. With an interlocking layout, they offer an easy installation and the perfect pattern every time.

Also available in the smaller model:


Broseley Ignite 7 gas efficiency labels

Broseley Ignite 7 gas stove dimensions


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