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What is a flueless gas fire and what is it’s benefits.

posted Nov 18 2014

What is a fluless gas fire? In simple terms, a flueless gas fire works using a type of technology that allows all of the heat generated by the appliance to enter your room. No chimney nor flue (duct pipe) is needed. The flueless technology cleans the hot air leaving the combustion chamber and magically converts

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Why not download the free DRU 3D Visualiser App?

posted Jul 17 2014

The clever folk at DRU fires have come up with a brilliant new app. The new DRU app uses ‘augmented reality’ technology. This means you can project your favourite fire or gas fire in 3D into any required virtual environment, including your very own living room! The DRU app is very simple to use. Stick

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What are the latest options for your modern gas fire heating?

posted Jun 24 2014

Modern gas fires offer one of the most user friendly ways to both heat your home highly efficiently and add the attractive style dimension of a real, flickering flame to your room. You can choose from a range of styles which span across all design zones to match your home’s decor while still having the

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