Yeoman CL5 Wood / Multi-Fuel Stove

Yeoman CL5 Wood / Multi-Fuel Stove

Price: £1,099.00

  • Available as woodburning or upgrade to multifuel
  • Includes Cleanburn and Airwash systems
  • Solidly built in steel
  • 4.9kW heat output

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Yeoman CL5 Wood / Multi-Fuel Stove

Yeoman has been building dependable stoves for 25 years, when they started on the edge of Dartmoor. Now based in Exeter, they still produce excellent stove designs.

The Yeoman CL5 is a great example: including Cleanburn technology to ensure the best use of the fuel plus Airwash that uses hot air to clean the glass, this stove is slightly larger than the CL3 stove and is available in either woodburning or multi fuel guises.

It looks great too, with a design that reflects traditional stove-making but with a contemporary twist. The CL5 has a pleasing slightly curved box shape that is neat and, combined with the typically large area of glass, shows the warming flames at their best.

The large steel handle is easy to grip and use and includes a self-locking mechanism for safety.

Ordered as a multi fuel stove with a smoke control kit, the Yeoman CL5 is suitable for use in smoke control zones.

This solidly built stove produces a useful 4.9kW of heat, making it ideal for most homes.

Yeoman Stoves deserve to go from strength to strength.
If you are unsure about which stove to purchase, please ring us at West Country Fires on 023 80 333818 and we will help you. Please also ring this number to find out about the options available with the Yeoman CL5 stove and the rest of the range.

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Efficiency rating:  A


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