Varde Ovne Uniq 1 Wood Burning Stove

Price: £1,579.00 £1,399.00

  • 78% maximum efficiency
  • Top and rear flue access
  • Cleanburn and Airwash systems
  • Wide windows on 3 sides

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Smoke Control Kit *

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Just the sight of flames makes us feel warm so stove manufacturers tend to maximise the view of them in the design of their fires. This is certainly true of the svelte Varde Ovne Uniq 1 stove.

Although the stove is made in a smart squared off cylinder shape, it has a window on each of three sides so the flames can be seen from a wider area.

The attention to detail can be seen all over this stove: the corners are subtly rounded and both the door handle and air supply control are carefully created from stainless steel that nicely contrasts with the rich dark grey of the body.

The Uniq 1 is supplied with an external air supply and the flow is cleverly used. It passes over the wide area of glass to keep it clear of soot and smuts and then it is pre-heated to ensure the fuel is optimally burned. This means the best heat and fewer pollutants escaping up the flue.

The figures reflect the effectiveness of the Uniq 1 too: a peak heat of 5.5kW is very useful, as is the 78% maximum efficiency.

This convector stove certainly looks good and works extremely effectively.

To comply with the Warranty offered by Varde Ovne, we recommend every stove be installed and maintained by an accredited HETAS engineer .

Energy rating:  A

Energy rating A







Peak Heat Output 5.5kW
Maximum Heat Efficiency 78%
Width 480mm
Height 1030mm
Depth 370mm
Weight 104kg


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