Varde Ovne Shape 2 Wood Burning Stove

Varde Ovne Shape 2 Wood Burning Stove

Price: £1,649.00

  • 74% efficiency
  • Top or rear flue exit
  • Easy maintenance
  • Outside Air Kit available
  • 3 styles of top available


A good stove is not only warming but satisfying to look at. Many of the modern models are elegant room features in their own right – and the new Varde Ovne Shape 2 is an excellent example.

Tall and slender, the Shape 2 has a pleasing oval cylinder form and a wide, curved window that shows the bright, warm flames to their best advantage. This stove fits beautifully in the room or in the corner, taking up little space but providing enough heat for the whole space.

The clean lines of this fire hide details that the good people at Varde Ovne have thought through carefully: for example, the air vent adjustment is secreted at the back of the stove so that it does not break the smart lines. At the same time, the beautifully designed door handle feels right and cool all the time.

That wide door allows for easy access to the fuel bed and quick removal of the ashes. The air intake is found under the top plate and an external air supply kit is available with the stove to provide an air supply in houses that are well sealed and insulated.

The Shape 2 can be specified with one of three tops (cast iron, Soapstone or Sandstone) and accepts either a top or rear flue.

Of course, the internal design of this stove is all you would expect too. The air is directed across the inside of the glass to keep it clean and is pre-heated to ensure the most efficient burning of the fuel. Varde must have got something right as the Shape 2 produces an impressive 5kW peak heat and can achieve 74% efficiency.

Made from solid steel but with cast iron features, the Shape 2 is a stove that will feel at home in many houses.
We suggest that your Varde Ovne stove be installed by a HETAS installer.  

A 5 year warranty can be available on this stove: discover the details on the Varde Ovne website .

Energy rating:  A

Energy rating A










Peak Heat Output 5kW
Maximum Heat Efficiency 74%
Width 520mm
Height 1020mm
Height (with Soapstone Top) 1050m
Depth 410mm
Weight 119kg
Weight (with Soapstone top) 185kg
Minimum Distance to Non-Flammable Materials 100mm
Minimum Clearance from Combustibles (Rear) 100mm
Minimum Clearance from Combustibles (Sides) 250mm


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