Nordpeis Odense with S-31A Inset Stove

Nordpeis odense

Nordpeis Odense with S-31A Inset Stove

Price: £2,799.00

  • 80% efficiency
  • Adaptable Odense surround available
  • Floor plate options
  • Log store

Outside Air Kit *

Smoke Control Kit *


Scandinavian stoves are generally seen as svelte and beautifully designed, intended as an integral piece of furniture and as a focal point. But it doesn’t stop there: these stoves employ the latest technology to be as efficient as anything else on the market.

The Nordpeis S-31A has to be one of the most striking of the stoves. Built as a corner fire, this stove is made in Lierskogen, Norway as a corner unit that can be inset into a wall or into a unit.

The Odense surround is included with this fire to give it a home and can be sited anywhere in you room. One of the outstanding features of the Odense surround is that it is made from a light concrete that can be painted to any colour you choose by simply painting it with emulsion.

A convenient log store is also included in the base of the surround to store the up to 300mm long logs to be used in the fire.

The two-sided corner window is wide and clear to enable the very best view of the flames. This is further helped by the use of Nordpeis’ Airwash system that directs hot air across the glass to clear any smuts.

As with other Nordpeis stoves, the S-31A employs a Cleanburn system to efficiently burn the fuel twice, thus getting the best use of the logs, reducing any pollution and ensuring all the heat goes into the room and not up the chimney.

Options available with this stove include an External Air Kit to comfortably draw air in from outside and a glass Floor Plate either in clear glass or black glass.

The Nordpeis S-31A is a snazzy stove that is easily adapted to any contemporary room and produces a maximum heat of 6kW with up to 80% efficiency.

Where do I sign?

Nordpeis offer a 5 year extended warranty with all their stoves, subject to terms and conditions found on their website . It is always best to have your stove installed and serviced by an accredited HETAS professional .


Energy rating A





Peak Heat Output 6kW
Maximum Efficiency 80%
Width 500mm
Height 1780mm
Depth 500mm
Weight of Fire 253kg
Flue Dimension 150mm
Maximum Log Length 300mm


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