Gazco Studio 2 Open Fronted Gas Fire

Gazco Studio 2 Open Fronted Gas Fire

Price: £1,639.00

  • Open fire
  • Range of fronts and colours
  • Conventional flue
  • Sequential remote control
  • Heat output of 2.20kw natural gas and 2.30kw LPG

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Front *

Fuelbed *

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Remote System Mains Adaptor


The Studio 2 open fronted gas fire by Gazco is the middle size of the Studio range making it the perfect all rounder. Available as either glass fronted or an open fire, there is a large selection of fronts and options to ensure your fire matches your style. The black internal lining of the open fire can even be upgraded to a black granite lining which is highly polished, casting a reflective effect and really maximising the ribbon flame.

You can also change your white stone fuelbed to to a glass bead option. These gorgeous beads will look stunning whether or not you are using your fire and the red beads deepen to a burgundy colour when the fire is lit.

Complete with a sequential remote control for ease of use, the Studio 2 open fronted fire gives a heat output of 2.20kw with natural gas and 2.30kw with LGP and, so long as certain conditions are met, you can install some televisions above the fire as the open fronted Studio fires don’t generally produce an inhibitive amount of heat in the above wall.

Efficiency rating:  E


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