Faber Matrix 450-500 I Gas Fire

Faber’s most advanced burner for an unrivalled wood-fire experience. Is fitted with a comfortable, incremental control of the flame height and several burner zones. This means you always have an optimum fire – at low settings the flames are concentrated in the middle and the fire spreads automatically as soon as more heat is required. Optionally available with the Symbio light module for a beautiful glowing bed of ash.


The Faber Matrix 450-500 I is part of a range so modular you can design a fire that matches your personal taste completely. The fixed basic fire can be fitted with all kinds of accessories such as different built-in frames, rear walls, Symbio lighting module, ICT control with free app, non-reflective glass and much more. What’s your perfect fire? Faber MatriX gives freedom of design. Left and right available.

Burnertype Log Burner 2.0
Interior finish Logs
Type of back wall Smooth steel
Glass Y
Remote control/ type RF
Glass backwall Optional
Antireflective (A.R.) glass Optional
Symbio module Optional
ITC control Optional
Wall bracket Optional
Convection grills Optional
Inset depth 100 mm Not available
Adjustable feet Optional


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