Faber e-Matrix 800/500 II Electric Fire

e-Matrix 800/500 II

Faber e-Matrix 800/500 II Electric Fire

Price: £3,125.00

  • 2 sided electric fire
  • 0.8 to 1.6kW heat output
  • Opti-myst flame effect
  • Log fuel bed
  • Stunning centre piece fire


The wonderful feel of a burning log fire. The place where you can relax, meet, recharge your batteries and share. When a gas fire or wood stove is impossible or undesirable, or those who prefer ‘individual design’ and specific choices, Faber has the new e-Matrix. An astonishing fire from water. Fire for anybody, anywhere.

Only electricity and water are needed

The fire view of the e-Matrix is the result of the further development of the patented Opti-myst system. All that is needed is power and water; (LED) lights and water transducers create flames effect, which cannot be distinguished from real ones. The ultra fine water mist also contributes to the moisture balance in your home and the burner does not use much energy. Making the e-Matrix an eco friendly fire. Easy to operate and completely safe.It is recommended to replace the transducers atleast once a year, depending on usage.

Outside Dimensions

  • Width: 910mm
  • Height: 790mm
  • Depth: 517mm

Fire View Dimensions

  • Width: 800mm
  • Height: 500mm
  • Depth: 351mm


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