ESSE Firewall 41 Flueless Gas Fire Black Glass -Ex-stock

Esse 41 Firewall flueless fire

Price: £885 £750

  • Designed to perform – 100% of the heat produced comes into the room
  • Flueless flexibility – you are not restricted by the position of the chimney or flue
  • Our flueless technology is annually tested by BSI
  • Remote control – turn up and down at the touch of a button
  • All ESSE gas appliances are CE marked
  • 1 in stock – 2 to 3 days delivery
  • Natural or Propane gas models are available
  • Realistic glowing embers fuel effect
  • Auto safety shut off

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The Esse 41″ Firewall is the ultimate way to feel warmer, faster, all year round. The 41″ landscape view would make an impressive focal point in any room.

The finish on the large, bold frame is a stylish black glass. There is s a single layer of ceramic glass on the face of the firebox, which allows radiant heat to pass directly into the room.

Patented catalytic technology ‘scrubs’ the burnt gas emissions so efficiently that the warm air leaving the fire is cleaner than the air it takes in. This process also neutralises household odors and other airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner home environment. Maximum heat output of 2.7kw. Should not be installed in a room smaller than 40m cubed and room must also have built in ventilation of at least 100cm squared.

Remember to always have your gas fire maintained by a registered GasSafe engineer.

39″ portrait

860h x 600w x 135d mm

Gas – natural or LPG

Piezo spark ignition

Auto safety shut off

Fuel Effect: Embers

Additional room vent required

Heat output max / min KW:  2.6/1.7

Flueless with CAT


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