Burley Latitude Flueless Wall Mounted Gas Fire

Burley Latitude

Price: £756.00

  • Wall mounted flueless gas fire
  • Contrast frame
  • 2.5kW heat output
  • Minimum room size requirement (30m³) and a 100cm² air vent fitting into the room

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Enjoy the mesmerising effect of real, flickering flames whilst creating a striking feature in any home with the new Burley Latitude 4500 flueless gas fire. Ideal for hanging on almost any external or internal wall in your home without the need to connect into a chimney or flue.

Whilst a percentage of the heat from an conventional flue gas fire goes up the chimney, by comparison 100% of the heat generated by a flueless gas fire goes to heating the room.

All Burley flueless gas fires incorporate a catalytic converter which is coated with rare metals. Oxygen ‘sticks’ to the coating. If a carbon monoxide molecule meets it, the oxygen converts the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide (which is harmless and is present in fresh air). Burley has NEVER had a catalytic converter fail or need replacing. All Burley appliances are CE marked by international test houses. One of the tests that the fires must pass is to have the catalytic converter removed. In this condition it must still pass all the strict combustion tests.

The Burley Latitude is shown here with the popular Contrast trim in black and stainless steel finish. Ideal for modern inspired interiors and a popular option for fitting into living rooms, studies, dining rooms and conservatories, the Latitude requires a minimum room size requirement (30m³) and a 100cm² air vent fitting into the room to meet manufacturers instructions.

Supplied with contemporary white stones fuel effect or can be used without for a minimalist look as shown in images. Wall hanging for a variety of installation options into various rooms with no inset required. Natural gas or LPG models available. Updated to feature a remote control if required.

For further information on Burley’s flueless gas fire technology, please view the flueless fact sheet here

Burley LatitudeWidthHeightDepth
Overall Dimensions822mm


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