Burley Astute Flueless Hole in the Wall Gas Fire

Burley Astute 4113

Price: £1,499.00

  • 100% efficiency
  • Choice of trims
  • Hole in the wall installation
  • Glass fronted
  • Minimum room size of 50m3 required together with additional ventilation of at least 100cm2
  • 4.2kw heat output

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The Burley Astute 4113 is a beautifully stylish flueless gas fire that looks perfect as a modern hole in the wall gas fire or as a traditional piece set into a fireplace. The glass fronted gas fire is 100% efficient meaning all of the heat goes into the room and none is wasted.

The Astute flueless gas fire does not require a chimney to install which gives a level of convenience, efficiency and safety to which flued gas fires can only aspire to.

External Dimensions
Inset Dimensions

Maximum heat output high 4.2Kw Maximum heat input high 4.2Kw

Catalytic flueless gas fire which does not require any chimney or flue

VentilationA minimum 100 cm2 air vent is required


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