How To Revamp Your Fireplace by Installing a Woodburning Stove

posted Mar 12 2015

Lets say you have an unused or dull looking fireplace that needs a new lease of life, you might be thinking “it is possible to install a woodburning stove into it?” The quick answer is yes, however you will need to have a working chimney in your home. It must be a class 1 chimney, which is basically a chimney built from bricks and has a chimney stack on your roof.


Some fireplaces have surrounds, you can always decide if you would like to keep it our to create a recess to fit the new woodburning or multifuel stove. This would give access to the opening of the chimney. You can always decorate the chimney space with a new hearth, shelves or beams to give it that wow factor and to make the fireplace a real feature in your home.

Bear in mind, you are always able to keep your existing surround providing it meets the right requirement when exposed to the heat as it will expand and contract. You then have the option of installing a inset stove in the recessed area or you can choose to have the stove sitting on the floor with the flue positioned on top of it or at its rear.


If you don’t have a proper chimney  it is still possible have a freestanding stove. You would need to contact a experienced HETAS installer who should be able to install an insulated flue system for you. This would be installed along the exterior wall of your home instead of up the chimney.

So to summarise, it is possible to install a wood burning or multifuel stove in your home even without a chimney. So if you have a dull looking fireplace that you would like to revamp, then get in touch with West Country Fires who would be more than happy to help with this exciting new project.

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