Essential Accessories For Your Multi-fuel or Wood Burning Stove

posted Feb 06 2015

If you have bought a multi-fuel or wood burning stove recently or in the past, we have compiled a handy list of essential accessories for your stove which will help maximise your enjoyment from your appliance and to help keep it running smoothly.


By carefully choosing the type of logs you burn in your wood burning stove or fire, you can get the best possible heating value for your home. Softwoods such as spruce and pine tend to be easy to light and cheaper but they burn quickly, meaning you have to reload your stove more frequently. Hardwoods tend to be denser and heavier than softwoods, hence providing a higher calorific value and a longer burn time. Ideally, logs should be no more than about 10cm in diameter. If any larger, the log will need to be split again to ensure it can burn properly.



Kindling Sticks

Kindling sticks are useful to start a fire in your multi-fuel or wood Burning stoves but these burn very quickly and are not suitable as an economical source of fuel.


Log Carrier & Buckets

The purpose of using log carriers and buckets makes it a easy and clean way to carry logs from outside to your fireplace. Most of the them are made with a solid base so that dust, bark and loose wood stays in the base and doesn’t leave a trail through the house. They are very useful to have if you need to move your logs from another room or outside of your property.

Morso Log Carrier

Stove Tools & Sets

Whether as a complement to your stove or simply as a separate ornament in your room, tool sets are striking and are practical in design. The average tool sets normally includes a dustpan, brush, ash rake and a handy fire poker to poke around in your fire and to push logs around, the tools sit on a strong cast iron base and can be placed next to your appliance.

Morso Classic Fire Tool Set

Wicker Log Baskets

Again wicker log baskets are available in many different designs and sizes, these type of log carriers give you a more rustic look around your stove, high sided wicker log baskets are popular as are open designs which are highly practical for loading and unloading your wood fuel.


Axes for Log Splitting

GB broad axes resized

There are several things to consider when selecting to buy an axe, the most important of all of these is the purpose and in this case its for cutting and splitting. Make sure you are buying the correct type of axe as their are many on the market so it is best to ask a professional if you are not sure.

If you have any questions regarding stove accessories, the friendly staff at West Country Fires will be happy to answer them.

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