Are stoves energy efficient and eco friendly?

posted Jun 09 2014

Wood burning and multiFuel stoves can be a highly energy efficient and eco friendly option for heating your home. This means they can potentially save you money. Exactly how big your savings will be depends on a number of factors including: The type of fuel you are replacing Savings on oil and electricity alternatives tend

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What are the four main stove types?

posted Jun 02 2014

The four main stove types are wood burners, multiFuel burners, gas and electric. As well as differences in the style and user features of a stove there are also several options for the type of fuel used to produce the stove’s heat. This means you can choose a stove that works with your personal preferences

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Stoves – How to add style and comfort in your home?

posted May 30 2014

Stoves have come a very long way from simply being a means to warm up a cold room. With the vast range of designs now available – from old-world charm to ultra sleek modern – stoves are now also a way to add style as well as function to your interior design.A stove can offer

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How a stove can complement the interior design of your home?

posted May 15 2014

Most people are attracted by stylish features in a house and will aim to give their own homes that little bit of a difference that adds either a cool, modern edge or a bit of warm charm and period character. With a stove you can add a finishing touch that gives a space an instant

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Great fire lifestyle choices form new website

posted May 10 2014

For a dip into the latest available fire, fireplace and stove styles, technology and prices take a look at our main sponsors new website – There is a good range of products, each with specifications, lifestyle images and sometimes even videos.  The site will be developed over time to also include real installation examples

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