How to get the most from your stoves eco friendly features

posted Oct 31 2014

Woodburning stoves can be a highly energy efficient and eco friendly  alternative for heating. You can choose to use eco friendly stoves purely for the heating of one room or opt for models which can provide both warmth and water heating for your entire home. Is burning wood eco friendly? Wood itself is a good

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10 handy fireplace and Stove tips for burning wood safely and efficiently.

posted Oct 21 2014

1. Only burn firewood and kindling. Construction scraps, painted, treated or any varnished wood releases chemicals into air and is not very healthy to inhale in your home. Log starters are perfect for getting your wood fireplace or stove going, but they burn extremely hot. 2.Always burn dry, cured wood, logs that have been split,

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Should I choose a top or rear flue outlet for my Morso 7648 Woodburning Stove?

posted Oct 14 2014

The Morso 7648 is a beautiful wood-burning stove that is set on a cast-iron pedestal with a large viewing glass door making it the perfect buyers choice. The designer of this Morso stove, Monica Ritterband made the following comments about her design, “I had an idea to create a stove with an organic rounded shape.

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How to choose the best gas or electric wall fire?

posted Oct 08 2014

Gas or Electric ? The very first thing you need to decide is choosing between a gas or electric fire. Should you require a fire which can give out a considerable amount of heat then the most suitable option would be gas. Electric fires with fans typically have a 2kw maximum output, while the convector

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Does the Dru Centro 100 Gas Fire use Eco Wave Technology?

posted Sep 30 2014

The DRU Centro 100 is stylish and beautifully combined with technology. The DRU Centro 100 just isn’t simply an amazing, contemporary modern gas fire. It is also a serious step forward in gas fire innovation and fire technology. This ultra modern gas fire can be installed in 2 options; at floor level or higher as

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What heat output can I expect from the Uniq 23 Westfire Stove?

posted Sep 23 2014

If you are looking for a heat efficient wood burning stove then the Westfire Uniq 23  would be a great choice.  It comes with a wide range of options, but it is the combustion technology that will eventually warm your home. This Westfire stove produces a decent 6.1kW of heat and it uses the latest

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What is the difference between an Electric Fire and a Gas Fire?

posted Sep 16 2014

When you are thinking of purchasing a fire for your home, it is helpful to know the contrasts between the two possible options. In this article it explains the contrasts between an electric fire and a gas fire, and as the names alone demonstrates, there are certain contrasts between the two types mentioned. The important

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Why is it important not to burn domestic coal in stoves?

posted Sep 10 2014

At West Country Fires we are always happy to give our customers sound advice regarding stove safety, our expert staff have put together some great tips on how to avoid damaging your stove by burning incorrect fuels. The first step should always be to read your stoves manufacturer supplied manual, this should be provided with

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Does the Stovax Stockton 4 Stove burn wood & multi-fuels?

posted Sep 03 2014

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are becoming more and more popular  which makes the Stovax Stockton 4 the perfect choice. The Stovax Stockton 4 burns either wood alone or a range of fuels and is a great little stove that will fit in almost anywhere in your home. With it’s clever design it directs warm

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What are the main differences between woodBurning, multiFuel, gas and electric stoves?

posted Aug 25 2014

When choosing the kind of stove you want you will also need to consider the type of fuel that the stove will use. Whichever option you choose you will still benefit from the increased heat efficiencies a stove can offer so the choice is one of both personal preference and what will work best in

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