The Gazco Studio 1 Glass Fronted Gas Fire | West Country Fires Weekly Hot Pick

posted Jan 09 2015

The beautiful Gazco Studio 1 Glass Fronted Gas Fire is West Country Fires hot pick product of the week. This gas fire is sleek and chic, offering you a striking focal point in your living room or sitting area.  It is the smallest in the Gazco Studio range making it perfect for those smaller area’s.

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Which is the Best Electric Fire on the Market?

posted Dec 31 2014

In the fireplace market the trend today certainly seems to be towards wood burning stoves and yet many visitors to West Country Fires are looking for electric fires. While wood burners require regular attention, are subject to necessarily careful regulations and pump out heat of between 4 and 10kW, an electric fire can be sited

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Why Should I Have a Professional Install my Woodburning Stove?

posted Dec 22 2014

On several occasions recently, visitors to the showroom at West Country Fires have revealed they were installing a wood burning stove themselves with no previous experience or qualifications. The attitude tends to be one of ‘I am good with my hands and, anyway, how hard can it be?’ Although we cannot prevent them from doing

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4 Great Safety Checks For Your Home This Winter

posted Dec 17 2014

Is your home ready for the winter months ahead? Here are a few helpful tips on winter readiness and safety for your home this winter. It is important to do regular checks on your home as standard practice but as we head in to the cold winter months, doing a few simple checks in your

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The Jetmaster 18f Woodburning Stove | West Country Fires Weekly Hot Pick

posted Dec 11 2014

The knowledgeable staff at West Country Fires are always testing and reviewing products and this week we are talking about the Jetmaster 18f Woodburning Stove which is chosen by us as our weekly hot pick. It is always a treat to have a wood burning stove fitted into your room but sometimes the models available

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5 Great tips To Keep Your Fireplace Childproof & Safe

posted Dec 03 2014

There is nothing better than having a living room with a fireplace, pets and kids love being snuggled up and feeling the warmth of the fire as much as adults. The only problem is they don’t know the dangers that a fireplace can have. It’s imperative to protect them from any potential risks posed by

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The Morso 1000 Swift Multifuel Stove | West Country Fires Weekly Hot Pick

posted Nov 25 2014

The Morso 1000 Swift Multifuel Stove is our hot pick product of the week. This little beauty is made from durable strong cast iron and comes with top or rear flue outlets and is also compatible with a back boiler. It also give off a very affordable 4.5kW radiant warmth. This fire is made to

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What is a flueless gas fire and what is it’s benefits.

posted Nov 18 2014

What is a fluless gas fire? In simple terms, a flueless gas fire works using a type of technology that allows all of the heat generated by the appliance to enter your room. No chimney nor flue (duct pipe) is needed. The flueless technology cleans the hot air leaving the combustion chamber and magically converts

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The Gazco Huntingdon 30 Electric Stove | West Country Fires Weekly Hot Pick

posted Nov 11 2014

This week we are talking about the Gazco Huntingdon 30 Electric Stove which is chosen by us as our weekly hot pick. The 30 Electric model compliments the popular Huntingdon range and being electric means it has the added benefit of a super efficiency rating at 99.8%. It comes with a remote control as standard so you can

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What is an airwash system found in woodburning stoves?

posted Nov 04 2014

So what is an airwash system? This is a very simple design feature that involves air and cleaning, it is highly effective and you wonder how it was not invented earlier in woodburning stoves. Basically in simple terms a stove with an airwash system has air vents that direct a flow of air down across

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