Varde Ovne Fuego 1 Wood Burning Stove

Varde Ovne Fuego 1 Wood Burning Stove

  • 75% efficiency
  • Integral log store
  • External air kit available
  • Top or rear flue exit
Price :

£1,325.00 £1,150.00

Outside Air Kit *

Smoke Control Kit *


Varde Ovne represent the epitome of Scandinavian cool design. The Varde Fuego 1, however, combines the subtly of Danish style and the passion of Spain.

But don’t think Varde have abandoned their classic stove quality and composition: the Fuego 1 is still a very handsome design with head-turning lines and a wide door and glass, enabling the best view of the flames inside. The simple door handle is made from contrasting stainless steel and allows easy access for adding fuel and for clearing ash; ash clearance is also helped by a clever cast iron disc under the fire.

Inevitably, however, the Fuego 1 is an effective source of heat without damaging the environment.

Cool air is drawn in at the base of the fire, heated and blown out back into the room from vanes at the top. In the meantime, the hot air is drawn across the glass to keep it free of soot and reheated to ensure any unspent fuel is burned before the gases as blown up the flue. Such useful technology allows the Fuego 1 to produce up to 5kW heat and a maximum 75% efficiency.

This stove can use a top or a rear flue and can be selected with an external air option, to allow the sourcing of air from outside the building.

Varde Ovne are so proud of the Fuego 1 that they offer each one with a 5-year extended warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

This woodburning stove makes a great feature for any living room.

A soapstone top is available on the Fuego 1 to improve heat retention.

We always recommend that every woodburning stove be installed and maintained by a qualified HETAS installer .

Understand more about buying and using a woodburning stove on the This Is Money website .


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Peak Heat Output 5kW
Maximum Heat Efficiency 75%
Width 500mm
Height 990mm
Height (with Soapstone Top) 1020mm
Depth 410mm
Weight 125kg
Weight (with Soapstone Top) 145kg
Minimum Clearance from Non-flammable Materials 100mm
Minimum Clearance from Combustibles (Rear) 200mm
Minimum Clearance from Combustibles (Sides) 200mm

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